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By Anonymous
Can i guard break or jump attack while holding a shield with 2 hands?
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By Anonymous
No unupgraded shield should have 100% phisical defense.
By BlankoStanko
I'll do you one better, all shields should have 100% physical block because that's how shields actually work.
By Anonymous
While it is true that the buckler and target shield have the longest Parry frames (making parryin easier), they also have some of the longest wind up and recovery frames from the parry, the buckler will probably not allow you to execute the stronger guard break Riposte while the enemy is standing before they fall down, and parrying too early will leave you more vunerable than a faster shield. (example being, the enemy has just ran out of stamina but you expect another attack and parry the air, the faster shield will leave stood there like an idiot for less time than the buckler will, probably not enough time for them to attack you, or move behind you)
its all down to personal preference, there's a very interesting page on parry frame data i encourage you to look at.
there is No good answer as to the "best" parry shield, with enough practice, all shields and weapons will perform well. just. don't try parrying with the Zweihander to start with.
By Anonymous
The rose shield is this game's grasscrest shield
By Anonymous
Just use the twin dragon shield. You're welcome.
By Anonymous
Which of these shields do you think most resembles the Bonewheel Shield, I'm trying to create Jimmy Darksoul, the ds2 version of John Darksoul
By Anonymous
I'd go with pursuer's, it's round, big, and somewhat silly
By Anonymous
Disk Chime, Its KINDA a shield but it has the wheel-rim look to it
By Anonymous
most of these shields are very fashion souls unfriendly : /
By Anonymous
is it just me or there are a lot less 100% phisical shields in DS2?

At least we have some shields with almost 100% thanks to defence scaling and a decent number of shields that can reach a 100% in other stats
By Anonymous
That was done on purpose! DS2 was designed to slightly discourage hiding behind a shield, which DS1 encouraged heavily. Hence why the only class that starts with a shield also starts with a broken sword, making it far from the optimal starting choice.