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dex int builds are op in this game lol, honestly didn't realise that before crozyn's video
By Anonymous
"Imagine calling a person casual just because he choosed the opposite stat that you choosed."

This phrase was told by a member of the Quality Covenant.
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Because I want
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Just remember the catchy phrase for Dex Weapons!

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By Anonymous
When I see people level up dexterity: "Why are you gae?".
By Anonymous
Hey man, I’m just trying to get a better Uchigatana
By Anonymous
is it worth to "waste" 5 levels to reach 45 dex from 40 in a pyro-dex pvp build? anyone knows the casting speed difference between 40 and 45 dex?
By pelida77
Well is not wasting it... you get noticeable diminishing returns in damage after 40 but that doesn't exactly means you shouldn't do it, depends, sometimes i rather put my points on DEX or STR or whatever than HP or stamina. (40 - 45 definitely you don't feel not at all any difference, you see the difference between below 35 dex and one with 45 but you can cast perfectly fine with just 40)
By Anonymous
Affecting cast speed but only at 35-45 is such a weird and bizarre implementation of it.