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Excuse me but WTF
Uchigatana is missing from this list - standard DEX scaling is "B", can be improved to "A" on high upgrade levels...
great scythe missing
You need 35 f***ing dex to see a difference at all!?
Well, yes... I mean do u wanna see it get faster by smaller increments or would you want to see vast improvements? It all about what you see.. Like as if i am giving u 1$ a month or just 30 right away?
25th Nov, no you literally do not get any casting speed difference until 35 dex.
most of the weapons on this list are on the wrong scale. They are exchanged with the force scale. I suggest checking before upgrading the weapon.
I could swear that dex influences attack speed. I was having trouble with my Guts build using a Greatsword, continually getting staggered because of the slow swing. And after I upgraded the sword(to +4) and threw a level on dex(making it 18), I was able to hit enemies before their attack animations finished. I can't find any solid evidence for this besides knowing that upgrades don't effect attack speed. I need to start recording my runs so I can confirm this type of thing.
You're positive it wasn't somehow related to your poise?
I can't believe you really leveled dex. Scumbag move bro.
Love dat quick dark beads lol
Faster dark beads for the win!
Why is the list for B scaling full of strength weapons?



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Most of which don't even have dex scaling.
they copy pasted the template from strength and forgot to change it
Because Dex weapons are CASUL.
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Lol calling other casual while defending dex
I know it's a meme, but technically strength builds are easier to play in PvE than dex builds, because there's more ultra weapons available for them. PvP is a different story obviously.
It's in the game and everyone has access to it, so stop bashing other people for playing the way they want.
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