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To get plunderers to trigger you need to talk to the researcher at area 13, and then wait and check time to time for the odogaron to bring a dead legiana into the area. When the dead legiana is there you find a plunderer there too.

And Gajalaka, you need to get all five gadgets and then talk with Lynian Researcher to get the quest.


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Thanks for the infos, edited. I left out the Legiana part because of my personal experience, just went to the nest from central camp and it was here, without Odogaron bringing anything, just following its usual path going up. I saw him do the corpse thing multiple time in other quests though.
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Compelt is under triggers for elders recess just for spelling
I guess u only need to have the lynian searcher in the map to triggers the event for the bugtrappers I couldn't get the event until the NPC was on this map
Not sure if you need to finish Endemic Life Researcher sidequest (Delivering 5 Scavantula) to proc Odagaron's corpse dragging since I tried like 3 times and Odagaron didn't care about Legiana corpse until I cleared the Scavantula quest. After that Odogaron quickly moved toward fallen Legiana and dragged it to the nest. Also, I think Legiana corpse can fall into both Area 6 and Area 8.
Didn't do that quest and the corpse was there, maybe it's storyline related?
I just fight it randomly on expedition then it just stopped attacking me and pulled a legiana corpse from outta nowhere, followed it back home and saw the cat, then the fight resumed and we took it out to the area in front of the cave. I killed it then just go find the cat, done. And no it happened like 30 hours before the scavantula quest iirc.
It's just random. Once I waited very long (and the odogaron scared the grimalkyne because he went back to his lair very quickly because he was leaving the map), second time it took me 5 minutes at most.
One question,I waited for the plunderes for more than half an hr but the odogaron still doesnt appear neither the dead corpse of legiana,are there any easy ways to trigger that to happen
just hang out in s13 for a bit and your palico will alert you to the presence of a grimalkyne, you really dont need to wait for the odogaron at all
About plunderer quest: you do not need to deal with odogaron or the lynian researcher at all, just hang out in s13 for a bit and your palico will alert you to the presence of a grimalkyne. Everything else is spot on.
wow i wish i knew that when i did it
How do you get the Gajalaka to join your party in the wasteland? I found 2 spots where they stay but they don't join my party they just fight to the death.
They have to have the green icon over their head to follow you. The ones that you found are still hostile.
Anyone know about the jebril? just found it in the wildspire waste.
I can't talk to the grimalkyne behind the waterfall, someone got an idea why?
Nvm I figure it out, I didn't have my Palico following me