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Love this weapon
So, is killing Targray the only way to get this? There's no other way?
I think that you can get it if your rank up your covenant to rank 2
Nope.. Killing Targray is the only way.
Thanos: Im sorry little one :'(
Sorry Tar***
ok elemental damage looks well but what about in dlc?
Why does at 40 str 20 dex it has higher ar (451) while at 20 str and 40 dex it has lower ar (448) im kinda confused with this weapon scaling. Can anyone explain though?
Dex is weird in this game. The damage from weapons benefits more from str then dex at similar scaling. I think it's because dex modifies poison and bleed damage, so it offers less to AR to balance it. So in general, dex focused weapons tend to do less raw damage then strength ones, but can compensate by afflicting status ailments. With quality weapons like this, it's better to focus on leveling str first, then dex when you hit the soft/sharp cap.
each scalling letter carries a hidden multiplier. Not all S/A/B etc letters carry the same multiplier, and can differ by a few decimals, i.e. 1.4 vs 1.3. DEX letters have most likely a lower multiplier than STR ones of similar depicted scaling letter
It's very good, you can get it early, and use a mace to grind the nearby foes to get the stats needed to use it.
Good fashion souls and hits like a bastard, not bad at all