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Should be noted that this hammer can have white sharpness with handicraft +5
It can make it with +4 too, which you can use if you have protective polish, otherwise it will turn blue within seconds.
and comes with a deco slot for a nonelemental gem. just perfect
I really want this hammer, it's gonna be hard getting it without any internet!
Don't let the negative affinity fool you. The math means on average this is losing 74.75 attack rating per hit over the course of a hunt, or in other words, that is has an average attack rating of 1121.25, far above the raw damage output of any other hammer before Master Rank. Even in its worst case of getting multiple flub hits in a row, it has an equivalent attack rating of 897 with an elemental component on top of it. Compare to the high affinty reciprocal the Kulu's Crushing Beak III: With a base attack of 884 and 25 affinity, it has an average attack rating of 939.25, not even reaching near the levels of non-affinity weapons with other boons like the Uragan line. Put another way, 20% of the time, this is still dealing more damage than Crushing Beak III does 75% of the time, and the other 80% it's dealing far more.