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By Anonymous
Also the name of my puppy
By Anonymous
That thing was too big to be called a sword. Too big, too thick, too heavy, and too rough, it was more like a large hunk of iron.
By Anonymous
To get the sword without Pure White World Tendency:

1. Stand in front of the rubble
2. Quit the game to the main menu
3. Go to the settings and switch to cinematic mode instead of performance
4. Continue into your game, you should spawn in the tunnel
5. Just run to the rubble and you should go right through it and be able to pick up the sword.
By Anonymous
Can confirm this works
By Anonymous
I can also confirm that it works
By Anonymous
Thank you very much for this! I had PWWT, but for some reason the rubble wouldn't clear. Plan on beating Maneater's *** with this bad boy.
By Anonymous
Tied with meat cleaver for best str weapon, unfortunately this requires colorless demons souls to upgrade but if you're doing 100% str it's the best, if you're willing to do the 16 faith meat cleaver wins hands down. You can actually do the 26 and dump into dex for MC since it has SSA phys mag scaling, like 26/50/16 and deal high damage with fast weapons. Or just 26 str and dump faith to boost its magic... MC is as utterly broken as ever. DBS has the ultra GS moveset though, MC is great hammer. It's really just preference but we all know MC is where it's at, pure str str/dex dex str/faith dex/faith... it's just too viable for too many builds.
By Anonymous
Split damage weapon like MC? meh
By Anonymous
pumping dex my favorite str build