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I love the extreme knockdown of this weapon.
Mass of iron made to kill dragons aye? You might call it a Dragonslayer...
I see what you did there ;)
What a name



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This weapon is the best backstab weapon in the game if I am not mistaken. Either this or the Bramd...
I see it in all weapons... Shouldn't be requirement/scaling Strength, not Endurance?
"Bladeless thick iron" "created to face dragons" I wonder...
The Dragonslayer before Fromsoft got bold enough to literally just put the sword itself in the game
A weapon so mighty, if you were to accidentally drop it on your foot, everyone in your family would lose their leg.
Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was a heap of raw iron.
Souls games just make me want to restart the manga. Maybe once I get done the next chapter will release.



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I used this thing and meat cleaver my entire first play through but now I use northern regalia because this thing is so slow and fast enemies abuse you.