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Rotten vale in section 11
How do you edit? Whoever put the word left int he description of where to find the prism hercudrome is a troll. It is in the outlook with the flower beds on the right.
Coral Highlands sector 11
Updated the locations for all the prism hercudrome locations.
On the pet page for the Prism Hercudrome it says it can be found in only the Ancient Forest. Then how on its own page it says that it can be found everware in the main game?
Only saw 1 in Coral Highlands


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Hoarfrost Reach; Sector 17; Early Morning
I don't know its exact location but I was able to see it with an overlay mod as I was flying up to sector 17 looking for the Goldspring Macaque. When I landed, it was no longer early morning and I was not able to find it.
What overlay can do that ?
I got all three of mine from the wildspire waste tree trunk. I don't know if I'm just really lucky or what, but I found them there almost every single time I checked it, so it might be a decently common spawn there.
I've caught so many of these in the Ancient forest. Sometimes, I caught them in the Rotten Vale. I love their colors there so pretty.
Got one while doing ''wild spire treasure hunt'' funny that i got it on that quest