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It's Upsurge not Flourishing.
Upsurge not flourishing!!
Yeah it's upsurge not flourishing. Not making an account just to register, just saying this wiki has been really helpful up until i waited about a month waiting for an investigation with "Upsurge: Crimson Fruit" and I am convinced it does not exist. I now know I was wasting my time, as it's found during Upsurge. Whoever messed this up deserves... uh... Hellberry.


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My bad, fixed.
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Thanks for all the help!
What a*****ty explanation. The first phrase says to go "down and north" and then you have a picture showing an arrow up with the item name on it. Who writes these?
Just to make things more clear . You need to go down from camp 11 and go to Entrace of Sectore 15 but not inside the cave . Near entrance ther will by wines on your left Like in the first pickture you will need to go up to get the plant.