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Hear me out...
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F**k these Harpy bastards
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1000 hp (roughly 8 bars) + 250+ phys. reduce + poise (56 for me)
Fap+Serpent Ring (Silver for XP into Phalanx, Gold for Crow Demon farm)
Shield: Bloodshield for the Toxic Zombies

#1 At bonfire, launch Power Within, select Wrath of the Gods
#2 Evade Gate Zombie, Rush Phalanx (2x WoG)
#3 Enter Chapel and move towards where the Occult/Dark Ember is/was.
#4 Kill 2x Melee, 1x Ranged Toxiczombie along the way (Block with Bloodshield to not get the Toxic debuff)
#5 Two Crows will land very close to each other at the Ruins, cut them down with a Slashing Weapon (Falchion/Scimitar) prefab with FireBuff
#6 Rush the Tower, Kill Ranged Zombie on the way - pull last two Crows and cut them down

If done right, the Power within will be running out at the last two Crow Demons.
Should you get grabbed, its roughly half your hp.

This trip should net you some 10k+ souls as well as a Souvenir of Reprisal in less than two minutes a run.

Three Slots for a fast 'Homeward' will make this run quite efficient. Hope somebody will profit from this, best of luck and praise the sun. \0/