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At the smithy and then ugrade equipment then the tree tab, what are the weapons with a grey frame around them? There are alot of them and i dont know what it means.


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the grey frames mean you cannot roll back the upgrade from that point in the tree, the little hammer means you can craft it without having to upgrade into it
What is the Smithy talking about when he says "...everyone balked at removing the barrier between Blademaster and Gunner, but..."? What barrier?
Necroposting, but in previous monster hunter games, melee and ranged had their own armor.
Blademaster and Gunner armors used to be separate; You had to craft different armor to use bowguns/bows. Gunner armors had about half the defense stat. It made those weapons a bit inaccessible to use and learn. In Monster Hunter World, they removed that 'barrier.'
How do you see materials needed for new weapons? I only see ???


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You actually need to find a certain amount of the materials needed to craft an equipment in order to see the list.
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Have to collect at least one of the required material beforehand. Usually to do with story progression
I hunted teostra for its mane and it showed teostra mane for what I was crafting but I did not get one
what does the "Zoom" tab mean??
It's just a different layout for the weapon upgrades tree.
You can’t it just unlocks a weapon tree or armour tickets are crafting materials they just say turn it it
I cant upgrade my weapons any further it says Under development??


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I believe that means you need to progress in the Story more. Rarity 6, 7, and 8 Equipment cannot be made until you are in High-Rank Quests and getting High Rank materials.
Any know why i cant custom upgrade thundering strike bow and mist glacia