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22 kills, no gem. But I got a lot of zenny now...
3 days probably 6-7 hunts a day no gem, and I need 1 for my helm and 1 for my claws. fml
Investigation. Gold reward. Don't deal with 2% prioritize finding some tracks, get a quest w good reward drop.
If you are having trouble getting it, you can try completing limited bounty to get the golden wyvern print to meld it for the gem
49 kills and got my first gem. If this is the kind of grinding I have to look forward to this game is going to get really boring really quick. T^T
(Sameness person) On a lighter note, I just did an investigation and got 4 of them. Man, I thought Warframe’s RNGesus was finicky. X_x
Investigation. Gold rewards. It's like 7 x more chance than normal way. Also, don't farm and stress, take time, do other stuff. It's not the games fault if you go for one monster only.
8 kills got 2 gems am i dumb or what
50 mile no gem lol
3 gems in 1 kill. I was incredibly lucky.
I wouldn’t say that. I would just say your a horrible liar.
Just got two in a single run myself.
Couldn't beat him on my first 3 attempts solo, but I got his gem off the first tail harvest :D
25 kills and still nothing xD
broke both of his horns, got a gem from bonus reward