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Avelyn is better
Fun off hand weapon for a character not wishing to pump a lot of points into strength or dexterity and wanting a ranged attack option. Raw infusion is probably the best, as it just adds a nice bit of bonus damage at no cost or stat investment, thought elemental infusions may have higher AR later (Usualy around 40+ intelligence/faith/ or 20 for both if Dark or Fire infused, but if you have those kind of stats, why use a crossbow as your ranged attack?). But I don't trust split damage in a dark souls games. Best paired with other raw weapons so a character can afford to put points into other stats such as adaptability for more survivability (The most useful version of Raw infusion builds incorporate this tactic for the 280% longer invincibility frames for a roll at 38 adaptability). But outside of low level play, cheesing certain pve enemies, and pvp shenanigans, don't use a crossbow. Seriously, these builds aren't terribly viable or useful as a main damage source. More of a tool than a weapon.