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2 Pulls = simmer
3 Pulls = 1 turn of boiling
4 Pulls = 2 turns of boiling
4 Pulls, 1 action, 1 pull = 3 turns of boiling

From what I’ve experienced without the trial and error perk


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7 pulls = 3 boils for those cool and add last ingredient type recipes.
I never used more than 1 pull. Didn't even know you could boil things. Never managed to fail on Marigold or Vitality anyway.
Vitality potion is missing a step. You add the marigold and boil it at the same time as the dandelions. If you add it afterwards the potion will still work, but it will not work in autobrew and says you are missing a step if you try.


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It's a bit nasty because in default you can make one mistake already, and the higher level you are, the more mistake you're allowed to make. The weirdest thing is that the three potion bonus still apply even if you skip steps.
You actually don't even need to boil anything, you can just put the ingredients in in the right order and you'll still make the potion. Still have to grind and distill when it says but you don't ever need to boil.
Where do u get honey comb for dandelion syrup. I have honey but it doesnt show up in the ingrediant list at the alchemist. Table. Also where do you get the receipes for dandelion syrup, tiredness, and mind enfeeblement potions. I made them to put it in my alchemy book but I'm just curious and are there any other receipes that arent on here. Maybe u just attempt random concoctions and hope for the best?
There are beehives outside of towns, check north east of skalitz that's the 1st one I found.
Oh also the mind enfeeblement potion is listed in the book as "Dementia potion"
Theres some issue with those two potionns. Oh and the potion in your inv. Says mind enfeeblement while in the receipe book says dementia. But after making that potion and the tiredness potion and then auto brewing each of them once I have 3 tiredness and 2 mind enfeeblement potions and the pic of what should be its potion bottle on the very left side in the margin for a visual description of the objects in your inventory theres a blank space for the two of them.so somethings off with that. Oh I also am lv 17 alchemy and have all perks but venomous blade, water of life and trial and error.
Whoever put the Valerian + Wormwood recipe for Aid for Merhojed is a *****ing ******. It's enough to cure the village but using it on the bandit prisoner kills him. I had to redo the entire goddamn quest from the start because of the wrong goddamn recipe.