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By Anonymous
The rarity is mistyped, pretty sure it should be 8 instead of 1.
By Anonymous
Don't misjudge this weapon due to the low base damage. The white sharpness is absolutely amazing, especially since the Longsword has an overhead strike which often bounces off at wings or other hard places but with this? No problemo.

I was using the last weapon in the Nergigante tree which has like 100 more base damage which should be around 16% more damage in general BUT the white sharpness of Xeno boosts the DMG multiplier from 1.2x (Blue) to 1.32 (White) + 15% affinity and 2 additional lvl 3 Slots.

Attacks barely ever bounce off and the DPS loss would be small compared to what you gain. Combine this with the right decorations and this weapon is by far the best LS to come out yet.

Keep in mind Handicraft is pretty much needed or the Sharpen Jewels. Odogaron set effect does the same in case you don't have the jewel.
By Anonymous
slap sharp jewel on this bad boy and win
By Anonymous
I've been using the Extermination Blade (ie, the Negri sword you mentioned) to farm for Xeno parts to make the Cypher, and I can't wait to make the switch because I HATE the way the Extermination Blade looks. I guess it's nice that the Cypher outclasses it, too.
By Anonymous
Better:sòtocot ãla or
Sunset bone longsword