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By Anonymous
it is also worth noting that normal revive scrolls reset the cooldowns of the person being revived.
this totem does not, another thing to consider. i've found its best to put it on any weapon based character who isnt super reliant on abilities.
By pnutmnms
If you're playing with the gift bag enhancement and there is an "Item Leveller Shrine" on the top deck of the Vengeance, check the top of this thing sometime in Act 2. I was midway through the Act, and maybe it was a fluke and maybe there was no rhyme or reason for it but sitting there on top of this Shrine was a Glowing Idol. If this is always the case, then one of your characters doesn't have to go through the ritual with Dorotya and lose 2 Const.
By Anonymous
You must be thinking of the "Crafting Overhaul" mod that is available on the steam workshop. This is not true for the vanilla version of the game - even with gift bag options enabled.
By Anonymous
i killed too many NPC too early.... first Tarqin and now i can't get 4 idols cause i squished the spider right away.... great game design.
By Anonymous
If you kill everyone, you don't get to complain
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Local man discovers actions have consequences in RPGs
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great personality design