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Min Strength 10
Stab: 68
Slash: 55
Blunt: 3
Defense: 111
Charisma 15
Durability: 77
Weight: 3.4
Wich sword is this?
I've using the "duellist" since "trial by fire"
Before that, I used "The piercer" I find stab combos work wonders on all kind of enemies specialy if you poison the blade. and with the perk that make the enemy blood faster. I just rampage over 5 enemies, stab them all in the head once, then play turtle and wait... One by one they begin to fall like little birdies~ Or by defect I start with better piercing arrows and snipe them hard. I started the game thinking of a stealth approach, now I have 140 pounds of pure steel armor and dont take a***** about stealth anymore, only sometimes to stealth kill for the funs of it. But yeah my henry is a poison turtle...
jeah same here first of all ive thought to make quality build. a little bit of everything. in a while ive noticed that stealth dont work realy good. the kumans notice me everytime after the first stealth kill. it dosent matter if the one how gets killed is a bit far away of their camp or directly in. so i decide to wear non plate armor to have a better chance of 50% to doge. just for fun. bute iam sure that meta is heaviest armor and skill about 10~12 in attack defence and sword.
Here is really the easiest way of finding the best sword, St. George's Sword: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvoviB-IP0I

Where can one aquire, Longinus' sword? May wenches rejoice oh noble one, with the answer.
Radzig has it. So you can steal it when he sleeps from his chest.
its behind skalitz in a grave. its one of the treasure map sites . u dont need the map to get it. just go here to the spot in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZfHMJFu9gU
i have st georges., had it like 15hours game played
The Executioners sword has to be added its the highest slash dmg weapon in the game with Stab dmg: 26 Slash dmg: 79 Blunt dmg : 5 Defence: 110 Charisma : 5 Duration: 90 Weight: 4.1 Price: 1021.3