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Does this just work on you or does it work on the whole party?
It will only work for the person wearing the set or who has that particular bonus
Do you think this would help the crown drop rate??



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Doubt it, as it specifies game rewards. Crowns aren't really a game reward as they are directly related to monster size.
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Will this skill allow to have increased chance to get an extra reward "box" at the end of kill screen? Or just increase the quantity of regular rewards?
Increase upper reward number
does this armor set bonus affect decorations and hero stones?
I'm guessing it's better than the bonus from the Legiana set? Too bad the description's vague instead of actual hard numbers, I'd love to know just how effective these bonuses are.
I have been farming Rumble in the waste for dash extracts, and got 14 of them. It works lol
This is what you use to farm Greeting the Gluttons
Does this affect the jewel drop rate like I know trueshot has a 0.42% drop rate does that increase ?
Not directly, but indirectly (I assume); it increases the number of quest rewards you get, and if Feystones are in them, you will get more of them, which will increase the odds of getting any gem. Just assumptions, though...
Does this combine with good luck?