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F$#* THIS DAMN QUEST. Been stuck on it for a week now, & I've been able to fight other tempered monsters/elder dragons via SOS easier than this bulls&$# unbalanced horse.
shatter cast with lots of sticky slicing sleep and cluster shots just shoot and keep moving was able to do it solo 20 mins. just make sure you have good thunder resistance as well as mushroomancer setup doesn't hurt
the old critdraw greatsword is safe against Tempered Kirin.
I went full Guerilla on it with my DBs.
Hit and run tactics, using the Demon modes to get the spinning blade attacks during Lightning Armor.
Using Hammer he isn't worth more than 10 minutes of your time. Lure him into spots with slope. Use the charged spinning attack as soon as he lands his first 2 AOE on himself. You'll mount it quite easily and get the chance to land multiple stunning head hits. Repeat and don't rush it. Don't forget to use thunderproof mantle and vitality mantle. If he waits for you on the platforms thing, just lure him out to slope again with slingshot. He'll go back to sleep afterwards, having taken some serious damage. Before you wake him up make sure your mantle cooldown is no longer an issue. Wake him up gently with barrels etc. should die in a few 2nd stage charged attack (uppercut thing). Good luck hunters
Killed it with Damascus armor set and Tier 8 Nergigante Hammer. Vitality and thunderproof mantles, nullberries. 16 minutes no faints and no teammates.
SHIIIITTTT! This was literally my first attempt on this: Me: Being fully aware how powerful Tempered Kirin will be, prepared with much thunder resistance I have on hand along with thunder res mantle and defense buff from canteen. PUG: One shotted left and right and mission failed less than 5 mins. WTF!
XD I thought my buddy was joking this was the last mission. I beat him on my 1st go without even knowing it his was the last boss. I find him when looking for tracks of pink rathian tracks.
"Conditions: HR 49 or higher". you're blatantly lying. Pink Rathian investigation is a story quest.
you can fight kirin before this quest so he probably just fought a very very dumbed down kirin
Beat him first try solo (1 feint) with DB. Bring vitality and thunder mantle and just dodge like crazy and only do dps when his armor skin is down. Took 30 mins.
Those 2 Mantles Didn’t Work, Vitality Mantle Got Depleted After 2 Hits And Thunderproof Didn’t Negate Paralysis Or Thunderblight.
His armor skin is up almost the whole fight
Bullsh*t fight you can't even see the floor at some parts because of texture it's just some of the devs have serious problems how this could be arbitrary to unlock endgame if I knew I couldnt access end game because of bunch of bs mechanics I wouldn't buy this game
get good
He is good...
Grow tf up.
I know it's late 2 years, but you need to see a doctor. I know Kirin perfectly blended with coral highland, but really, see a doctor.