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By Anonymous
How do you get Gama coins?
By Anonymous
It's from the dodogama.
By Anonymous
Dodogama Arena Quest for Gama Coins
By Anonymous
Is this blade an upgradeable from another blade like from blacksteel or no?
By Anonymous
No, You forge directly to this blade without any previous tree if you have all requirement materials.
By Anonymous
Rathalos Coin is a pain to get, featuring some crappy as weapon/item/armor to fight the dragon which took me 29 mins to kill him. If it was in my gear I would have kill him in 3 mins.
By Anonymous
use the lance and let them kill each other. The lance can guard all the attack. just don't let them hit you from the back
By Anonymous
Dude it’s one monster Azure Rathalos
By Anonymous
why is the text font for the element darkened?
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By Noleen
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It's hidden element, you need the Free Elem skill to unlock it, I added the info on the page.
By Anonymous
or use elementless jewel for more damage
By Anonymous
Is it still craftable?
By Anonymous
Am I the only person who has noticed that, the weebier the user, the stronger it is?
By Anonymous
well, isnt it same design as crimson fata LS in MHFU
By Anonymous
Is there a way to make a Layered version of this