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big ol peen
Gajalaka's are the worst little pieces of rat filth to ever plague the Monster Hunter series, the deserve to burn in a funeral pier made of their own stupid bombs and sleep darts.
Teruki Endo should have his hands removed for designing these abominations and putting them in an other wise quite enjoyable game, like i dont understand. why, WHY would you make a strawberry tart and sprinkle it over with niceness and love to then directly insert it up your no zone, thats what its feels like to see one of these happy little tribal cat people only to get drugged and simultaneously pearl harbored 2/10
You can have some as temporary partners
At least u can befriend them in world FYI they were in the MHF series as well. And they weren't as nice
Three things make this little "rats" ,like you call them, an ally you should not overlook. 1.If you fight with a monster and they are near by, guess what, they will take their stupid bombs and sleep darts and shoot it at the bigger threat, just dont get in their way. 2.Gajalaka can teach your palico to use the Mewolotov **** (Its a very good gadget, which applies each time he uses it the element/ailment from the weapon he is wielding. Its *****ing awesome that this gadget can put a Kirin to sleep !) 3.Gajalaka shellshock ... nuff said. This badass move finished my tempered quest in 2min.
OP is worse than the Gajalaka's themselves
FYI Grimalkynes are the friendly cat partners you can find out in the wild, NOT Gajalakas, they are still the bane of my existence. Sure they can be helpful in certain situations but 9 out of 10 times you're gonna be wailing on that scaled *** of a monster only for the Gaja's to wail on your ***, they're indiscriminate. Yes they will hit the monster, but more importantly, they. will. hit. you. Still standing by that these little goblin-cat-Nazeebo lookin rats are the worst small monster. Period.
If you've ever encountered Gajalaka while thinking they're nice then you suffered worse than Guts from the Berserk series.
Lol if that is even possible
The moment these little *****ers chainstun/ paralize a monster, making a 20 minute hunt last 7 minutes.
These things are worth gold when they engage the monster rather then you.
If you ever see a yellow blade flashing through the air at you during a hunt, you're gonna have a bad time.
I thought they were cute the first time I saw them, and then I got all happy since they paralyzed the monster I was fighting...

Damn, was I wrong.
just wait they bazooka the monster ... u know how badass they are ....
First impression was getting ~7 paralyze knifes in a row
It says there that they could be former palicos, but that can't be true, since Gajalaka are small humanoid like the Shakalaka, while the Felyne, Melynx and Grimalkyne are cat-like. They are all Lynians, but that basically means small people, not much more
No tail, no look like cat, and the voice isn't cat-like. They are definetly not.
Just small tribal creatures no need to lump them all to be related
These guys are either going to abuse the monster you're hunting, or they're going to borderline instakill you.