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The Comission armor ( helmet, gloves and legs )use 2 sinister cloth each
how the hell do you farm this sinister cloth ;>( ??


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As written, just do the Tailraider Safari and you'll get some randomly as reward, it's pretty easy to get.
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One easy way to obtain these sinister clothes is by sending the Tailreader safari on a mission with Kelbis... Works for me atleast...
Fortification Charm requires 3 of these.
I think the only way to get it is by sending the safari..
The "Death Stench" layered armor requires 5 of these.
We are at the mercy of the RNG gods.
Very... sinister. I wonder who the Palicos on the Trailraider Safaris (really) are? Or where they find these...
Fortification Charm also requires this item.
This is what makes me hate this game, the 1 reason.
that 1 reason being the grind? that one thing this game is all about? :P
You can't really grind for them since you only get them from the tailraider safari. It doesn't matter what you do you have no influence whatsoever when and how many you get. For monster materials you can at least increase the chances by breaking specific parts for example.
The tailraider safari isn't a grind, it's a wait or almost a meta game, a grind is when you can actually farm a monster over and over again yourself for the needed parts which you can't do for sinister cloth