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By ArmStorage
Highly recommended for Bloodborne veterans who like the concept of trick weapons. If you want an axe for crushing hard shells, a sword for slicing tails, and a freakin CHAINSAW to unleash the elemental discharge with a BAM at the same time, then Switch Axe is the best for you.
By Anonymous
Tonight, Gerhman will join the Hunt!
By Anonymous
I play bloodborne pvp/ chalices 40 hrs a week and this weapon is not going to satisfy that bloodlust. Sotry it just wont.
By Anonymous
The elemental discharge can also be shortened by inclining the joystick down while doing the move
By Anonymous
Help. My favorite weapon starting to become **** along with the franchise growing.. Who design this amped state anyway? Normal attack without amped 80 and amped with 50 + 30 spark damage (????). And zero sum, wow really showwyy but when you notice teostra going to supernova and you still sliding on the ground (????).
By Anonymous
first weapon with phial and still got no artillery buff not explosive enough eh??
By Anonymous
Nice crying noob
By Anonymous
Don't have this problem, because I am not a **** :)
By Anonymous
If your using the weapon with the Dragon vials does crit element effect that damage?
By Anonymous
Greetings, what is the difference between vial categories?
By Anonymous
Power - Deals extra raw damage (un-typed) Elemental - Deals extra damage of the elemental type of the weapon (a lightning weapon w/ Elemental phial will deal extra lightning damage in sword form and will have a lightning based finisher) Poison - Deals poison damage, which will build up until it procs and poisons the enemy Dragon - Deals extra Dragon-element damage Paralyze - Deals paralyze damage, which will build up until it procs and paralyzes the enemy Exhause phial - Found only on the Jagras Raider III. Deals exhaust damage which drains the monster's stamina and can tire them out faster. Also is a completely badass blue color and while not the fastest option for kills it's the one I use because it's fun and looks amazing.
By Anonymous
B / O + RT = AUGH YEAH~!!!!!
By Anonymous
could use a mobility buff
By Anonymous
Dodge roll in sword mode and then transform your axe for a spin attack which effectively doubles your dodge distance. That's all the mobility you need.
By Anonymous
Anyone know if there's any skills the will make it harder to get knocked off a ZSD? Already run earplug 1 to max it out during it but I seem to get knocked off so often I've started to hitting him a few times before setting it off early...
By Anonymous
Temporal Mantle, Rocksteady Mantle, Flinch Free Your DPS from ZSD isn't actually great a lot of the time compared to regular combos, though, so I usually save it for when a monster is about to enrage to get some free hits in and ignore the roar.
By Anonymous
Not true, a full ZSD is always your strongest attack, there is currently no combo that is stronger. It's just not as practical since it's tied to openings.
By Anonymous
They need to update this a bit more, a new attack was added in iceborne when you heavy swing a couple of times you can do a heavy slam that activates some kind of feature for the axe mode, just not 100% sure what it does as you can see the axe section glowing red/white/purple
By Anonymous
It increases your chance of flinching the monster while in axe mode... I'd doesn't add any damage.