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By Rafahil
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Wish I knew how much healing it provides.
By Anonymous
Hey i know this sounds silly but if you get a tape measure and go on an expedition, get yourself hurt then play a heath restore tune, you can figure this out if your really interested
By Anonymous
I'd love to know if this skill works along with the Palico horn effects?
By Anonymous
Can anyone tell us if this skills effect only works on the wearer, and if so do they need to be the one using the Horn, or if it works on anyone who becomes effected by the wearers Horn Buffs? it doesn't really state it as one way or the other and can be taken as both.
By Anonymous
This skill has to be worn by the hunting horn user, NOT anyone who is receiving the buffs or heals.
By Anonymous
Does Horn Maestro affect your own health recovery without playing the song?
By Anonymous
lol no
By Anonymous
the game says theres only one level. what gives
By Anonymous
There will be a level 2 in iceborne
By Anonymous
It does affect the other effects.
By Anonymous
performers charm 2 doesnt exist, this page is wrong about it.
By Anonymous
Do you have iceborne?
By Anonymous
I don't have Iceborne and can see a Level 2 to this. Do I have access to it?
By Anonymous
There is a little icon next to performer ll so you need iceborne to upgrade it.