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Xeno Spine beta does not give blight resistance (at least by looking on the Xeno beta armor set page. I haven't unlocked it yet to confirm)
Yes, it does. Rank 2
I have Unlocked it.
What exactly does it protect against ?...
I made the Xeno set, and have level 3 blight resistance, and thought it would negate all elemental blights... like it says. But it definitely doesn't work against Kirin. I still get electrocuted and roll then get trampled. This skill sucks. They should be more specific about what it actually does, which is jack*****.
Paralysis is not an elemental blight
Stun isn’t a blight too
Elemental Blight is different than Abnormal Status effects like stun. Blights build up when they hit you with elemental attacks making it easier for you to be stunned (lightning blight makes it so you get stunned easier) and another example is when you are fighting the Barroth in the Wildspire Wastes and you end up in the mud (making your stamina bar blue and reduced) the mud effect is a blight.
In Kirin fight, the electrocution damage still hurts you but you wont get the electro debuff making it easier to stun you. If you get stunned with level 3 blight resistance (immunity) its because the monster actually did stun you.
Good info, thanks
It protects you from.. Being set on fire, blast blight and the electro debuff that means you get stunned easier too.. It really just gives you less to worry about when fighting monsters.
I'd be surprised if it didn't work against the ice blight (the one that makes your stamina decrease twice as fast)
It appears it doesn't protect against blast blight as I just got blast blight from tempered teostra with 3 resistor jewels on.
For reference, blast blight resistance have it's own separate skill. This one does protect against fire, ice and lightning blight (elemental ones), but not against blast and dragon (deviljho).
Is this skill effective against Legiana?


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It counters the ice blight yes.
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Well I found out the hard way it doesn't protect against Miasma, so exactly which status effects can it prevent and which can't it? Is there any official list just for reference? Thought resistor was a good catch all, but could have just put miasma decorations in their place when fighting val. The thing is you need to know which monsters it will work against before going into the hunt.
Particulary useful againts Fireblight or "Burn" due to enviroment or monsters attacks = naturally off much faster, takes lesser number of rolling to recover (test required). It does not slowdown how quick the damage ticks off though.
Instead of relying on this skill, better use null-berry when inflict with any blight.
That's horrible advice, by the time you sheathe your weapon and eat it you're dead because the monster just killed you with your pants down.
Skill is mostly useless except for maybe on multi-hunts. If your elemental resistance is above 20 you become immune to that elements blight anyways, plus take less damage. So if you're fighting something like Kirin, it's better to just slot in Thunder Res.
You can always use the level 2 skill and mix it with Coalescence to have the buff more often (with Blight Resistance 2, only one roll is needed to remove fire blight for exemple)
Since I use an insect glaive having full blight resist is super helpful coz ice blight and water blight canbe extremely annoying g especially for vaulting