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hahaa thats quite a description
E.G. Dragonbone Glaive 1 (Low)
Wew insect glaive
nerg weapons all have high elderseal
Elder seal shaves the spikes off of Nerg.
All weps can do that
I think specifically the black spikes that atks would normally deflect
does elderseal truly has effect on Nergi?
he still dive bombs me and*****
Elderseal is supposed to slow down the hardening of his spikes(when they turn from white to black), so that you have a longer time frame to break them off, once they are hardened there is absolutely nothing you can do about them other than to wait him to divebomb.

Elderseal is supposed to seal away an Elder Dragon's special ability, the dive bomb is not technically an special ability, it's more like the practical application of his special ability, which is his regenerative armor.
If you catch your barings and do the running dive while he dive bombs you wont' get hit and carted. It works wonderfully everytime as long as you can dive before he hits you.
Elderseal does not have an effect on Nerg!!! You can shave off his spikes when they are white with any weapon, doesn't need to be a dragon damage weapon. If you want best damage on him use anything with high lightning damage (Flying Kadachi Strikebow for me).
I know for a fact dragon pods can knock off his spikes when they are hardened and black. Maybe an edlerseal weapon cam do the same?
Elderseal slows the rate that his spikes regrow allegedly
It slows his spike generate and how long it takes to switch to black spikes
When elderseal activates on nerg his black spikes will all fall off, and it will slow their regeneration. You can break them off normally just by whacking them, but using elderseal will break them all off at once, not just the part you're hitting.
i think elderseal has an affect on Xeno Jiiva making it take longer for his body to start glowing
imo you want Xeno to glow. He takes way more damage while glowing, and is much easier to stagger. you can drop a 120+ per hit DP through his chest during that and hell flop over every time
Nice I plan on getting a weapon with an Elderseal.
I plan on getting every Charge Blade. I'm sure I'll get an Elderseal eventually.
I've gotten the Devil's Due hammer (one of the new Deviljho weapons in the update) and it's got a high elderseal.



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It's a deviljho weapon...