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The real rub here seems to be the fine print "above a certain health threshold", what that threshold is, I dunno, but if you are really low on hit points and get hit, Guts will not save you. So this is more of a OHKO protector than a play until Guts kicks in, then worry about healing...
My guess is that the threshold would either be 25%, 33%, or 50%.
Behemoth ecplise meteor will still cart you even this skill activated
Is this a Berserk reference?! OwO
Sounds more like a pokemon reference than anything lol
I wonder, can I tank eclipse meteor with this, or is this still instakill? I know it might be stupid question, but i want to be sure.
Sorry, ecliptic meteor.
You'll still get bodied by Ecliptic Meteor as it's a map-wide one-shot ability.



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With bow defense, you're extremely prone to bs 1-shots. This is probably my MVP skill.
Does the bazel set bonus work along side the empress blaze weapons or do they not stack?