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The real rub here seems to be the fine print "above a certain health threshold", what that threshold is, I dunno, but if you are really low on hit points and get hit, Guts will not save you. So this is more of a OHKO protector than a play until Guts kicks in, then worry about healing...
My guess is that the threshold would either be 25%, 33%, or 50%.
Behemoth ecplise meteor will still cart you even this skill activated
Is this a Berserk reference?! OwO
Sounds more like a pokemon reference than anything lol
I wonder, can I tank eclipse meteor with this, or is this still instakill? I know it might be stupid question, but i want to be sure.
Sorry, ecliptic meteor.
You'll still get bodied by Ecliptic Meteor as it's a map-wide one-shot ability.



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With bow defense, you're extremely prone to bs 1-shots. This is probably my MVP skill.
Does the bazel set bonus work along side the empress blaze weapons or do they not stack?
Things you should know and note about Guts Please note that Guts and guts is being used at the same time (like once...) "G"uts: refers to the skill "g"uts: refers to the effect that everyone knows and loves - A red arrow is added onto your HP bar indicating Guts activation threshold and must be lit - Will prevent you from dying from a attack that would otherwise cart you from above the threshold, leaving you at 1hp NOTE: You are not granted invincibility and can be instantly killed afterwards to status effects such as lava ground or poison EXAMPLE: Anjanath spits a fireball at the Hunter, lighting him on fire and killing him instantly! The Hunter's Guts ability is activated and prevents him from being carted, but is carted immediately when it activated because the fire damage ticked; If he fell onto lava would also cart him as soon as he took the tick damage - Answering Anon's question about stacking, you cannot stack Guts because Bazel set, Blaze Empress and Gutsy Charm (Iceborne) all have the same ability "Guts". They are the same effect and skill by name and WOULD technically be counted as 3 levels of Guts, but Guts only has 1 level of activation and so the other 2 are not counted. - Some monster attacks have multiple hits or negate Guts from some reason, Xeno's continuous laser will only save you from one tick of the beam but you can be killed if you are knocked back into it and you are not in a lying down state after being hit. Behemoth will kill you outright, just think of his Ecliptic Meteor as "You will be set to zero" Guts and Moxie - Guts is renewed when you are carted, Moxie is not renewed after used - Guts comes from equipment, Moxie is from a 6x Blue Foods - Guts and Moxie do stack, Both effects will be used... so don't. However, Guts may be activated afterwards (Using a weapon without Guts and then far casting back to camp to switch to another weapon with Guts, after Moxie is used, will allow you to have two guts in a single life; Moxie only lasts once per hunt) - Guts cannot be unequipped and then reequipped to gain its effect (Moxie and Guts are the same effect under different names which is why you are able to use Moxie then Guts after switching weapons) Some things to consider - If you are knocked down (invincible until you stand up), stay on the ground and wait for an opportune time to make a hasty escape - Far caster and Max Potions... Take... It... its a life saver when against extremely aggressive pursue type monsters - If you are playing solo, you might want to consider the situation you find yourself. Guts is not optimal against monsters who like to inflict status effects or environmental hazards which can take you out after Guts., or monsters who don't do a whole lot of damage in one hit. There is no one to rely on to save you, remember. - If you are playing with a group (very close hopefully), Let them know you have Guts and when you gut an attack. One life powder or flash pod is enough to ward off tick damage or a pursuing monster. You will never know when you find yourself in a lava pit or poisoned, or you weren't knocked to the ground with aggro. - Guts with a augment for Hasten Recovery ( or Heal when attacking effects) will allow you to take a move aggressive approach, being able to maintain threshold without needing to back off and heal Guts is only worth if you can get away. Prioritize your life at all cost after Guts and focus on helping other players who gut stay alive. Its only a small inconvenience to potentially allow a hunter to stay in and give yourself more lenience on the carts. Things can go wrong like a roar stun while Teo is charging a nuke or a Behemoth run where things can get dicey at the final stages from human player fatigue. One very neat trick when playing in groups that'll definitely save a lot of people hero style. Large weapons with uppercut moves (GS, SA, CB, Horn, Hammer) are able to launch players into the air. This removes all mobility status effects from the player. Paralyzed, Stunned, Sleep, Etc. You can also use it to cancel other player's animations and send them to a mounting attack (sharpening into aerial attack!). You can also save gutting players if you're at the right place, at the right time, if you launch players out of a lava pit or a charging monster's way if they're not lying on the ground (self inflicted harm is expected, please consider the risks of placing your life on the line to be hero)
I honestly, didn't expect this to happen to my beautiful formatting
"Wall of Text crits you for 74,032 points of Smashing damage" xD
For some reason I got hit from the Raging Broch and had 1hp left, but was stunned. Couldn't move. Then he started boxing the ground and hit me again while stun. I flew back but didn't die. I got up but was still stun. Thankfully, he finally turned his attention away long enough for me to escape stun and heal up. If that move activates once per death, it seems to hold until after stun. Has anyone had this happen before?
And yes, it did activate the first time I got hit as I heard a noise and couldn't see any more hp.


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Or you already ate Moxie since Moxie and Guts are 2 different skill, it probably stack.
You only got one proc. The "boxing the ground" move assuming you mean the one in the final area does not do damage.