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Not really worth it in terms of stats. Great for Halloween though.
i bet your legs are hairless and boring
With a face like yours, you could use it though my man. >:^D
Ree 4
This helmet is my trash character meme.
No matter what armor i wear, I have to wear the sack. I know it takes an armor slot, but it's so funny to me for some reason.
Ur using the best helm in the game stop using op stuff scrub HAhahahahaHAHAhaHAhAHHAAhahha
Fighter PL brought me here
Favorite armor. Got it to +5 for the Orenstein and Smough fight. Died 13 times. Worth it.
It’s not enough just to win, you gotta win in style!
I got 3 balls.
I guess he died from cancer. PSA: if you have 3+ lumps in your sack, see a doctor immediately


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What is the point of this?
Can be traded to Snuggly for a Demon's Great Hammer.
I sold this to Frampt lol rip
Ah... the Dark Souls universe's substitute for a hockey mask for all you crazy undying bastards. Don't forget your butcher knives, and to go around naked, or you'll just look like a pathetic sane person...
Dark souls 1 thrall hood