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By Anonymous
wait. i saved her first on my way to seath and said yes, then back at firelink i answered with no and then i killed all those four things before talking with seigmeyer in izalith, is he dead?
By Anonymous
It's so weird how many people are hating her, especially for killing him but he's literally gone hollow. We do the same to npcs when they go hollow all the time. Crestfallen knight anyone? She doing him a mercy while being entirely human
By Anonymous
i always believed her story to be one of the best even if i mistake something.
For me she hunts behind him knowing he will go hollow, but she wants to reach him before it happens to tell him the last words of his wife.
She say´s "i just have to kill him again" so i assume she had to do it multiple times because she never reached him in time before. Because this time we helped both of them.

I never understood how he appareantly starts over again, but the player gets respawned aswell...fair game i gues.
By Anonymous
I mean if you look at the various ends of DS characters, this one is not the worst. You die in Ash Lake, by the beach, looking at those mighty old trees, feeling a quietness and tranquility you rarely get in this world. Who knows, maybe he asked his daughter to finish him, they shared one last estus together, said goodbye, not farewell. And that was it.

By Anonymous
look at them rolls dough
By Anonymous
I don't know why this argument always pops up with anything to do with dark souls but basically Gwyn and his relatives race is being a god while giants and humans are seperate races, humans were cursed with the dark sign by Gwyn there's also some other unspecified races in the games.
By Anonymous
She didn't show up at firelink the second time after I saved her father in Izalith.
By Anonymous
Oh I think it might have been cause I saved her father by killing ALL chaos eater BEFORE talking to him, I guess don't do that.
By Anonymous
That's actually the best way to end the quest - Siegmeyer survives if you do that, and also gives you a ring you can ONLY get there. If you let him help he ends up dead and you just get a titanite Slab which you can farm off Darkwraiths anyway
By Anonymous
“If he goes hollow, I’ll just have to kill him again”
you WHAT?
By Anonymous
The “again” is because he’s already undead.
By Anonymous
She doesn't spawn if you complete siemeyer's quest before going to the archives.
By Anonymous
Yes she does
By Anonymous
She showed up for me