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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Accidentally put in an extra swing on the golem and hit her. Screwed the entire story up
Go to Oswald of carim and request absolution.
you cab find her before you give the moss in blighttown. I'm not sure what makes her appear but i watched a streamer finder a little sooner then on this page
Gave Seigmeyer moss, have pierce shield. Still no golem in Dukes Archives. Seigmeyer doesn't leave blighttown either
She totally says that she has killed her father multiple times right? Or am I crazy?
Yeah, she's crazy. Says she'll just have to kill him "again" if he goes hollow... meaning she killed him when he was alive, before he returned as undead. And she wants to tell him her mother's last words... Sieglinde probably killed her, too.
I doubt Siegmeyer went hollow as Sieglinde claimed - she probably killed him as soon as she found him.
Not multiple times. "If he goes Hollow, I'll just have to kill him again." Because he's undead he's basically already died and come back to life once, so if he also goes hollow she would have to kill him "again."
Will not attack you even after sucking 10 humanity out of her
I don’t believe any NPCs attack after sucking humanity out of them with the dark hand.
I accidentally answered no when she was at firelink. Is there any possible way to undo that or am i just screwed