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Fought Legiana 4 times and didn't get a single one... doesn't seem to be that high of a chance.
You have to break the wings + capture gives more mats
Same here. I have had to have killed 6 and captured 9 and still no sac. I'm done. Moving on to the deablos
Try in investigate i got 3 frosent sac
did u capture?
I have captured over 15 legiana's and i have 2 of those dreaded sacs
Its not a high chance for sure I have broken every part of its body and captured it and yet still haven't got it I have done this 7 times now
Try investigate i got 3 frosent sac as a reward
The data on this is trash compared to other pages.
The best way to get any of these is to have the trailraider safari go after the Legiana. That's how I get most of the sacs I need.
Thank you so much I was fighting ligeana like fifteen times
For a 3 star drop rate it seems incredibly rare I even got 2 legiana plates before getting a single one
The drop rate is not high for sure! Have killed 4 legianas and I still dont have one sac