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and where exactly do you get it from?
If you look it tells you what monsters you get it from. Diablos, Black Diablos, and Tzitzi-Ya-Ku all have chances of giving it as a quest reward according to this post. Glad I looked this up now I know who to farm in order to get my dash juice for my bow. :)
The Safari can bring you some if you launch it against Tzi or Diablos (black or not).
You cant, anyone who says you can is a charlatan and a crook. Or they are just unfamiliar with the game in which case, shut up and dont offer people advice.
The melder can just meld dash juice for you too
I doubt it can be obtained by gathering.
Carving dead body
You can also get it from Tailrider quests with Odogaron as one of the monsters.
So with the Iceborne DLC, can you still get them from tailraider safari?
In master rank you can also send your tailraider safari to hunt for Banbaro. If you're lucky there will be two on one location. This can result in 12 dash extracts per run.
Anon-2E063 edited this page by completely overwriting the previous content, including drop rates for high rank. This also shares completely falsified information by saying that Dash extract is a MASTER RANK material when it's only a high rank material also availlable later on. Whoever you are, Anon-2E063, I hope you won't scrap other pages of this wiki with your non-sense
The revision after this one is messy as hell, so here it shall be.


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Yeah this page is just messed up and I don't really know how to fix it.


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Dash Extract is a rarity 4 item...