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Anyone have a list of what items are affected by wide-range?
I'm running Wide-Range level 5 right now. (with horn support build)
What works (That I've found so far):
1) potion and mega potion (and antidotes)
2) armor/demon drug and pill
3) life powder (assuming nutrient powder and demon/armor powder work as well)
4) rations/meat/stamina boosters
5) seeds (nullberry, etc.)
6) almost any drink, cold/hot drink, etc

What doesn't work (that I've found so far)
1) Ancient Potions/max potions
2) sharpening




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Lifepowder affects teammates without Wide Range. That's it's whole purpose.
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Some dude on Reddit tested them all out for the most part.
I would like to know too
Confirmed: This DOES work with Mushroomancer buffs, all except parashroom (max potion effect).

Edit: Mandragora is the max potion effect, not the parashroom.
Does it work when I'm full hp and use potions?
Does wide range skills affect the insect glaive buffs?
Does anyone know if it’s stackable with Item Prolonger- do teammates get the effect duration extension also ?
They do not. Any teammates that ALSO run item prolonger, however, will get extended durations.
Wide Range affects specifically 'items' not abilities/buffs gained from a players weapon. The items of note that don't work with wide range are Max/Ancient potion and Mandragora (MM lvl.3)
Item Prolonger and Recovery Up apply their affect only for the players that have them equipped. i.e. Wide range 5 Recovery Up 3 player would receive boosted effect from a potion but only teammates with recovery up would receive any kind of boosted effect, the others would only get a regular potions worth of HP.
how about recovery speed ?
How does lower levels of Wide Range affect Demondrug/Armorskin?