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I added non-elemental boost jewel to equipment that adds this skill. believe it or not, you can get a ge for the skill. I have it, so yeah.


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well, I guess it was listed under decorations on another page, but still.
I just wan't to feel special and like I discovered something, okay
What weapons are considered elemental? Weapons that need to still be unocked or elements like dragon and blast?
Not that hard to figure out what weapons doesn't have an element. You literally have only 5 elements. If your weapon does not have or deal any of the following, then non elemental boost works: Ice, fire, water, thunder, dragon



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That's not what he's talking about 2nd Anon. 1st Anon wants to know if weapons with a locked element still count as non elemental. Seeing as all the weapons in the game are ether elemental or locked elemental, I'd say yes: Locked elemental weapons count as non elemental.
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ailments count as elements too. You can figure it out equipping a raw weapon and look at your atk stat with & without the equipment on
can you put this jewel on a weapon with an ailment and still get the benefits?
No. Only a weapon with neutral damage.
need more explain about this skill
- elemental damage is counting Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Blast also?
- Weapon with Exhaust is counting as Element or not???
Everything with an elemental value (with the small status icon near i) that is lightened, so not hidden, in he mid/top part of the weapon profile, cont as elemental. If you mean on ranged weapons, I tryed such abilities on my heavy crossbows, but never get any bonuses, probably due to fact hat the bowgun always have access to at least one status or elemental bullet...
Can this be applied to a HBG?
To clear up some misunderstandings:

No, non-elem boost will NOT work on weapons that have any ailments such as poison and blast.

Yes, it works on weapons with hidden elements/ailments, only if the element isn't unlocked.
So what if its from a phial Switch Axe, does the attack decrease when it is in use?
it works for LBG & HBG which can't use any elemental ammo. just make sure your weapon can't use something like thunder ammo, dragon ammo, etc.
what about poison ammo
poison and paralysis ammo do not invalidate this boost but there are so few guns w/o elemental functionality why can't it just work for all standard ammo, which is so weak already
by how much does this raise attack?
About 10% to the base Raw damage.
Calculated before other buffs I think.

How does this calculate with attack boost?