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I have no idea what the melding pot or what the elder melder is. Do you have to progress further in the game or what
Yes you do


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I have 11 first wyverian prints in my item box under sell items. But, when I go to the melding pot to trade them, it is showing zero in the first wyverian trade box. How do I get first wyverian prints from item box to show in melding pot to redeem or trade? Thanks.


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It's either a bug or you don't look at the right column, the second column is how many you have and the third how many you want to meld (default 0). Also there are different Wyverian Print type.
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The page doesn't say anything about what they are used for, after looking trough all the stuff from the Elder Melder i'm disappointed to say they are used for consumables, worth 100 points, also the Deluxe FIrst Wyverian Print is also worth 100 points and it's used for top tier consumables and some lower (Mega armorskin, mega demondrug, ancient pill, dash juice, shock and pitfall trap ...apparently and mega barrel bomb). Also you can't use both normal and deluxe at the same time it's either normal or deluxe.