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You can actually do this quest without doing the prerequisites. Simply join an SoS.
Doesn't net you the Rainbow Pigment though
Real question is who cares about the Rainbow Pigment though? I just want the ticket to get a charm for my lance setup.
I agree with the guy above me. All though in the other games I really liked the rainbow pigment
I'm pretty sure that the timer for the monsters to come out are not solely based on a timer, I managed to finish the quest in about 12 minutes and I believe that the monsters come out based on the previous monster's % HP. If you need proof I can record another run and upload that on YT or have a vod on twitch ready for verification on what I said.
I just did it and there was a noticeable delay between Odo's death and Diablos' entrance; perhaps we've killed Odo too quickly?
I'm rank 79, I completed all the optional quests from 1 to 8 stars, I have the red stamp, but I still don't have this quest.
Go to Research Base, you probably have one waiting for you there.
You also need to at least research 15 monsters all the way to level six I believe in order to unlock a blaze on the sand and then complete that as well
Just completed the quest and whilst the Rainbow Pigment is okay on certain armor, The Congratulations you get from the whole camp was a very nice surprise! For anyone who is still having trouble, Make sure all of the quests are completed not only from Astera but for the Thrid Fleet missions as well. Finally there maybe some quests that require you to capture some monster and fight them in the arena. Hope this helps someone!
> The Congratulations you get from the whole camp was a very nice surprise!

Not anymore - thanks to your spoiler.
After completing all 1-8* quests, to unlock this i had to join an sos flare for Xeno-Jiva's optional 9* quest
I had to be HR 50, NOT 15, before this quest showed up. I believe another prerequisite is also the HR49 Tempered Kirin quest.
To be hr 50 you have to kill that Kirin
Seeing it on the board atm, HR 15.
I am HR 69, and have the red completed stamp beside ALL optional quests 1* through 8* and yet I still don't have this. I've done every arena quest too. To my knowledge, the only quests I have left are this and The Sapphire Star's Guidance, the HR 100 quest.
I also now have 22 monster fully researched, still no quest...
Hi there ~
Hello fellow Hunters I'd like to inform some useful information pertaining to gaining this quest. First off there is a hidden quest that you must obtain from the Grimlagyns in the Coral High Lands this quest requires you to hunt 2 Tzitzi Ya Ku's at the same time. Second to gain the second hidden quest A Sore Sight you must first Complete the Delivery Quest titled A Spew of Firey Brew. After you complete the Quest A Sore Sight you'll be given the Quest Titled Rummmmble in The Waste from the Third Fleet Master lady at the Research Base. I hope this helps all of you n Happy Hunting :3