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does this ring increase how much healing miracles heal?
No just damage adj. of your attack miracles sadly.
I'm playing SOTFS on PC. My nickname is King_Havel. SL 41 (16 million souls). Please reach me out if you need to farm sunlight medals or help me getting some for myself. Cheers!


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Is anyone interested do some Sunbro Co-op? I play on both PC (SOTFS) and on PS3 (Vanilla). I have several characters in different levels, from low ones till 17 million soul memory. My nick on PC is: King_Havel And on PS3 is: Dastiefeleid666 Praise the Sun! \o/
Is King_Havel a Steam name?
If so, I’m down. Username is Halbeorn on Steam
how to u open the door at cardinal tower with the ring



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you have to equip the ring, maybe you should invest into 99 intelligence?
Praise the moon
You son of a bastard.
hell no
The gods have no mercy for you, scum.
I love how at the end, it used the phrase “Jolly cooperation.” Solaire rocks.
Is this ring required to be worn while summoning/fighting as a Sunbro?