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Meta piece of*****
The number #1 CHAD charge blade. Only Virgins use Odium.
Got the better verison from taroth
Me too. Handicraft rocks
Strong, i dislike the design. Wish it was at least black because of the Black Diablos materials


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So many butthurt people in the comment over this weapon lol



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"So many butthurt comments" > Legit one complainer with lots of dislikes.
How is this weapon so good at stunning monsters? It has no skills/buffs on it and yet it has better stun than all the other weapons, not complaining but tell me why plz if you know
cuz it be an impact charge blade with high damage, the higher the damage the better the impact phials work, and the more damage the impact phials have the more stun damage dealts
You need to inflict a certain amount of KO/Stun dmg to hit the monsters KO/Stun threshold. Ultimate discharge on impact phial does hit the threshold quite quick because of the high dmgoutput. Charge Blade in general is pretty good to get monsters tripped too for the same reason.