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When the last monster hunter game had 8 elder dragons... this is a disappointment. I hope they add more returning monsters including some of the best elder dragon
It's only 1 less. And they are adding a lot of free content later as well. I'm sure it will expand.



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As far as I know, this is the only MH game with Monsters added in after release. So we could easily surpass previous games.
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Iceborne will give us more elders I believe
only 7.... and all elder dragons so casual easy. i wanna new elder dragons and really hard kill.
Nothing is difficult until g rank
Everything is easy once mastering Master Ninja mode in Ninja Gaiden. Even past Monster Hunters, pleb. Your series is weak.
Pssh try playing qubert on hard noobs
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well who knews I think there going to be a few dlc with new areas, I hopeing some of the monster form number 3 pop up I like hunting Lagiacrus
Really hope they have lots of dlc, with mh4u they added so many elder dragons to the original 8 from dlc, even if they don’t make a story around them like before it’d be such a nice addition
I would like to see pretty much every elder dragon in this game. I want my Hot Fish boy
Elder dragons have around 15000 health in multiplayer
My favorite elder is Kulve Taroth :D
Xeno'jiiva is the best so is Kushala Doara
Maybe not kushala
They should be adding Alatrian