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I'm very new to the game, I've never played any of the previous MH games.
I am very curious about resistances and monster attacks.
Am i trying to build up my resistance numbers on the positive side or on the negative side to receive less damage from a monsters elemental attack?
I realize that when a monster has more stars next to their name in the hunters guide that means I want to bring that type of weapon with me, so damage output doesn't seem to be an issue, but i'm being instant killed by some monsters with a single attack. Such as the T-Rex doing his fire attacks.
You want a positive resistance. Negative means you are weaker. Also when fighting a monster the element damage only adds a few points of ATK to each attack the main reason for elemental damage is for breaking parts and cutting tails, RAW ATK power is what will do the most "damage" to a monster, also the sharpness grade of the weapon calculates into how much damage you'll do as well. As for ailments (I.e. Poison, Sleep, Para...etc) the number on those is how often it will be inflicted per hit, not necessarily how strong the ailment is. Hope this helps
if you want to not be insta killed by him, I recommend rathalos armor, not for the built in resistance, but the skills. they are way more powerful, and eventually grant immunity
So I just got to High Rank in MHW and I decided I want to make a build around the great huntsman bow which I know takes arena materials to build, but how do you unlock the tree to even have it optional to craft? I know the curved bow is the bow you upgrade into the great huntsman bow, but I cant find anything on how or when you unlock the "workshop tree" that has both of these bows.
do some arena quests and it will pop up
Weapon tree is viewable once you get some of the coins from arena that are needed to craft the bow ([Azure] Rathalos/Barroth).
Does any one know a good way to grind a Diablos?


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Do you use a specific weapon? Highrank or Lowrank?
Hammer is great for destroying it's horns, which is it's main attack
What's the best insect glaive against Vaal Hazak
for the first time, probs nergigante
Anybody got tips on trying to find a group to fight Rathalos with?
ill help you if your on ps4
Anyone else have a elemental issue with their weapons? Every time I change weapons the elemental damage goes down. Is there no way of fixing this?
you are probably using armor that increases elemental damage for that element, like the ingot helm for thunder, or the rathalos coil for fire
I am sick of the Character Customization vouchers, these need to be changed so a user can pay a flat subscription fee to be able to edit a character as much as they want to for 30 days or 1 month freely.
Edit: There is a reson why Black Desert Online, as a game is doing so well they charge you $15 a month for a value pack which includes a 30 day voucher to dye costumes unlimited, and edit appearance as much as you want for 30 days, meanwhile MHW does the Pay 2 Enjoy thing that Vindicus and Nexon America do by charging $5 for a voucher and stuff every time a person wants to change something about their appearance...

Charging for DLC or cosmetics is fine, but keep the Character editor open to the public to use for a flat subscription, you can keep cupons for those who don't care if they want to use them but personally id rather buy the subscription.
boss fight