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The pilot hare only spawns on sunny days in the WSW in front of the SW camp
The pilot hare spawns only at the WSW and AF on sunny days WSW SW CAMP (in front of it)
Actually it can be found and caught in AF as well
Why does this page even exist? Every single endemic life is able to be placed as a pet. The code is horrifyingly messy, the page is terrible to look at, and the information is spotty at best. This page should be deleted.
I've fixed up the formatting of the page. Next goal is to add all the missing pets.
Thank you anon
No problem. If anybody knows HTML, the best way to edit the page is by clicking "Edit" at the top, hold CTRL (Options for Mac?) and right click any element in the list of pets and click "Inspect". This will take you directly to the source for the page, specifically for the list of pets. From there, right-click on the tag and click, "Edit as HTML", then copy and paste over to a text editor (Notepad++, etc). After making any edits, copy and paste the edited code back into the same place in the page source, then click "Preview changes" at the top to make sure everything looks good. If it does, Submit. NOTE: Please only make changes this way if you are familiar and comfortable with HTML and CSS.
Why did most of the fish get removed?
They should put “impossible” next to wintermoon nettle, I have 1 and it took 12 hrs of grinding to get
Use ghillie mantle next time
I got the Wintermoon netle during the day. It scared me really hard, didnt even heard of this ""pet""
Ok umm, now I am not sure if It was during day or not. I thought It was during the day because om top of that mountain there is a lot of light even when is at night, so.. Maybe It was night, just came here to clear that up
the frost beetle is missing, dont know how it is actually called. The one in Hoarfrost reach that rolls around like dung and bomb beetle and you get crystal explosion if you kick it
It's called Rime Beetle
You're missing the rare gold calappa from the event quest too