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My husband and I captured a Giant Vigorwasp in the Ancient Forest during a Rathian hunt . Wasn't raining and no idea how we ended up coming across it but its bigger than the vigorwasp by far. If you need pics I'm happy to give them to you. How do I send them to you?
thx for this post i havent seen the giant vigorwasp so im glad to know there is 1 to find thx so much
You can find the Giant Vigorwasp if you go to the place where the Anjaneth (sorry if I spell that wrong) sleeps, if you go one level below that you will see a hole and on one side of the hole there is vines, if you
Drop down into that hole, you will find the giant vigorwasp, I believe there is also a ramp that you can go up or down but yeah if you know where Anjaneth sleeps you should be able to find it (:
I catch one every time I go to the ancient forest thay make me laugh
what? no Moofahs?
There's also a phantom butterfly. It's a lone butterfly vs the pack of cobalt butterflies you see in groups. It's a larger than the cobalts you see, its mostly black with gold touches. I'm sorry I can't remember where I found it or its conditions. I want to say I got it in the ancient forest along the north side of the map between the northcamp and pukeis corner on the northeast side of the map. There are packs of butterflies but in the camp and pukeis area with the poison plants and wasps. Good luck!
See’s gastrodon under king marlin *triggered* those are kestodon.
catched a dark cuddle bird on a gastodon in area 11
sry area 5
Moonglow gekko
Rotten vale
You can catch a bat in the Rotten Vale caverns.
Every time I send my fishing pole it just pulls back and they get away EVERY TIME! Is there like a "Bella Bait" for these bats or what?!
I caught a Giant Goldenfish where the Petricanth Spawns.