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By Anonymous
Why does archers dance and datura string have parenthesis on blast damage but in game it doesn't show the parenthesis? The numbers are also different.
By Anonymous
That's because the element is "hidden", and the numbers are different (read: less) because you most likely have Free Elem/Ammo up skill at less than level 3.
By Anonymous
Just remember I got a free elem....... Thanks!
By Drakion901
The weapons that have parenthesis are hidden element stats. They require a skill that unlocked the element.
By Anonymous
What do you expect from the wiki?
By Anonymous
got em
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Any chance the wiki or someone else could make this into a PDF or something downloadable and easier to read/scroll through?
By Anonymous
missing the pukei-pukei bow tree
By Anonymous
its above the anjanath tree its the blooming arch
By Anonymous
black planula shows ice element instead of water
By Anonymous
Do you want the stats on the last 2 lunastra bows ?
By Anonymous
No Power Coating + on any of these. At least according to this list anyway. Does the Safi weapon's unique augment system give the opportunity to give an upgrade to currently usable coatings? Like enable a "Plus" for Power or Blast?