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By MatinArtorias
Pair with ring of restoration and heal during poison
By Anonymous
Ah the real estus of Dark Souls 2
By Anonymous
These and blood vials never detracted from the game for me (moongrass definitely did, **** moongrass). You just spend less time backtracking from mistakes. That said I think DS3 has the best-balanced estus and should be the blueprint for future games, rather than giant stacks of consumables lol. It's just odd that so many players despise these; I can't imagine a few little lifegems ruining the game for someone.
By Anonymous
The fact people hate multiple healing in a game as difficult as dark souls. Lmao. I on the other hand want more healing mechanics in souls like these. Not to make the game easy, but to give you more options to play.

Having 0 estus, and no way of healing is kinda annoying. And springing back to a bonfire just to get more is tedious gameplay wise. So having extra healing in game shouldn't be a problem to be honest. Only thing i can see that makes this a problem is in pvp. But trying now to invade a person isn't so easy anyway these days to even find one.

Also some area in ds2 are just garbage in trying to even get to the boss. And having to waste estus on your way to the boss, only to not have enough to survive it is just not fun to deal with. So these gems are perfect for those areas
By Derpila
More options might be fine if you were limited and not allowed to snort these almost infinitely. If you kept running out of Estus and had to run back then you should just learn to manage your resources more and get hit less. I think one thing they could've done is limited the amount to 15 or so to help early game but it might be too much as well late game idk.
They are pretty useful for runs back to the boss but nowadays I find myself just using these instead of Estus even there sometimes, and they really should've just made the runs back less annoying
By Anonymous
Other healing options is fine, Divine Blessings are great. The reason they're great, however, is because they're limited. Life gems can be hoarded and you can hold up to 99 at any one time. Life gems also heal slowly, so it trivializes all enemies because you can pop one and then tank the damage because it'll heal back automatically. It's a good system on paper, but overall they add nothing positive to the experience and From seemingly knows this because they never made a return in later games because of how cheesy they are.
By Anonymous
> never made a return in later games
Is Sekiro not a game for you?
By Anonymous
Do a Lifegems Only run for the true King's Field experience
By Anonymous
Why King's Field?