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if you sprint you regen faster.
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Wait a minute, you do? Huh. I never noticed.
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I can't believe how lacking this page/this wiki is. Popping multiple lifegems at once stacks the healing effect, which is hugely beneficial, allows you to heal faster, and keeps their use up no matter what level/NG+ you're on. They're sold for dirt cheap by Melentia, too, so you can always drop extra souls on a stack of 'em and just pop two or three for some fast heals.
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They're made of Souls but they're coming out of your Butt if you use them
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Sharts of life
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In japanese myth the soul is stored in the rectum, checks out
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I like the fact that it take a year just to heal a bit of hp. Thank a lot for who ever design this item
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This is bonus healing on top of your Estus, not your main source of healing. There's nothing wrong with the design, the most common lifegem gives the least amount of HP. That's only logical. In fact you could argue lifegems along with the other large amount of items that can heal you make it a bit too easy to regen HP in DS2.
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Are you stupid?
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You SHOULD be thanking them, because the slow healing is actually an incredibly useful feature, that practically makes them cheap. An example I saw was that you can pop one or two at full health, then open a mimic chest, and you'll survive instead of being killed because the mimic's chomp does multiple hits and the life gems will heal you between the hits.

Using the life gems at full health can also be useful at surviving mobs if you expect to get hit a few times, and will even make it so you might not even need to use an estus after getting hit.
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Thats the ****ing point
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These are excellent against poison! Just one lifegem alone will heal at the rate that poison damages so your health will stay constant. Use this if you want to explore the poison caves in Harvest Valley without stress.
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Lifegems can be very useful as their "use time" is fast and you get plenty around. Even movement is not as impaired as by an estus-shot, so I prefer to use one of these when things are getting heavy or seems like they will be, as the HealOverTime can cover future wounds if there's a flashy move you need to do to even the odds when playing GankSouls x.x
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a shame it breaks the balance of conserving healing as one can easealy have 99 at any time
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It can be useful to pop a bunch and then rush the dragon at Heide's. As long as you survive one hit of flame breath, and have a few life gems active, you should be able to get in.

Also, a lot of people have said that these can become extremely cheap if you use a ton of them, practically making you invincible against anything that doesn't 1-shot you if you use them repeatedly.
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99 lifegems is the key to cheese the game.
By Anonymous
"Duh! DS2 lifegems are OP, are cheese, DS2 is bad design, it's the worst game, you never die in DS2, duh"

-Play DS2, enemy start an attack ripping him 2/3 his healt bar.
-Pops a lifegem that will heal him 500hp after 11 seconds.
-Enemy attacks again and kills him.
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Just pop 2, I'm sure they stack.
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I think i saw to many people dying on YT while popping 1 or 2 life gems, even if they stack if the enemy/boss surpass you healing rate, you are dead.
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Then these morons complain that healing is slow lol
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even if it is slow it still makes estus completely unnescessary and just breaks the balance and difficulty of trying to conserve it
By Derpila
They should've limited their numbers. With how good they are, resource management and tough exploration is basically nonexistent once you can purchase them infinitely. Also you must have some unbelievably low vigour to lose 2/3 of your hp. I don't think even Fume Knight can do that to most