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By Anonymous
Low requirements, good enough damage, good range and alright scaling for Int. Heavier than a normal spear, which does matter since sorcerers don't always have great equip loads, but in my run I didn't think it was all that big an issue. It's a good-looking weapon too. Also important to note that it does pure magic damage, so no split damage shenanigans. All in all, I say it's a good pick for a sidearm as a sorcerer. Not the best, but it's good.
By Anonymous
+10 rapier doesn’t give option to make this weapon?? I’m literally at the Anor Londo cinnamon roll right now and he’s not giving me the option even though I have the Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly and a +10 rapier in my inventory… have I misunderstood?
By Anonymous
If you kill the Mimic in Sen's Fortress, it'll drop a Lightning-infused Spear that can be ascended to this weapon.
By Anonymous
Dont care how bad this thing is, It looks cool.
By Anonymous
At 12 str, 12 dex, 50 int this weapon at +5 does 337 damage vs 434 of a normal spear enchanted to +5.
And the Horn is 0.5 heavier than a normal spear.
And with a normal spear you can start working on your int weapon at the earliest in the game, converting it to magic+1 will give you a decent poker ASAP.
So aside from range the Horn is vastly inferior to a normal spear weapon... Not sure why they made it like this, but it is what it is.
By Anonymous
Except this does pure magic damage which is better in every way imaginable than the split damage of the enchanted spear.
By Anonymous
Split damage my guy.
By Anonymous
Yeah but the Moonlight Butterfly Horn looks cooler.
By Anonymous
You are comparing two different classes of weapons, spears are more damaging than rapiers, but slower. Also, if you need to minmax your damage you can't afford style, thats how it is
By Anonymous
June 16th is lost. When did the OP bring up rapiers? Lol
By Anonymous
dont worry about semantics, this wep is cooler so its better
By Anonymous
oh no no w i am moonflight butter HORNY o_o
By Anonymous
For PvP, this is better than MGS.
By Anonymous
A weapon to surpass metal gear solid
By Anonymous
Great PvE weapon I would say better than Moonlight Greatsword.

Use it to quickly and safely dispose enemies not worth wasting spells.

With 40-50 Int and +5 upgrade deals decent ammount pure magical damage.

But that's not all. It's also lightweight. And fast. And has really great range.

Very simple moveset reduced to long range poking with every move. No much thinking and strategy just keep your distance and poke, poke, poke to death.

Spam R1 to lock enemy in series of quick and long stabs or wait for opening and punish him with slower R2 thrust.

Not much more to say. Really nice and easy to use weapon in most areas even at NG+ and beyond.
By Anonymous
Up the horns !!!
By Anonymous
i will killn myself f
By Anonymous
One of my favorite weapons in the series for my mage, just wish it was in dark souls 3
By Anonymous
what about saint bident?