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about time these armor sets were put on the wiki
in terms of hp recovery which between this set and the nergigante set which would you choose?
Nergigante set has less recovery and sustainability BUT it boasts a fairly sizeable DPS increase over the Vaal Hazak set.

If you’re looking for a survival set that helps you take down solo elders and tempered alike, the Caal Hazak set edges out in the lead.
I choose Helm , Coils and Greaves of the Vaal set and the other Parts from the Diabolos , Recovery Speed Amulet . Its my favorite Combination with the Gunlance .
Lol I have been farming Teostra for his set for so long. Need that gem though. But now I realize how cool this set looks. Im not even joking I have about 64 of his scales. And now I’m going to have so much fun farming Vaal. Well then.... let’s do this! Anyone wanna help leave your username in replies I play Xbox and I will friend u. Also I’d appreciate tips.
Nice Skill set but bad elemental resistant.


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Best looking armor, at least I think so, and the bone spikes on the helm reminds me of the Jagged Crown from Skyrim, which makes it look quite regal and epic.
Is it just me or does the beta version of this set resemble the Outrider Knight set from DS3? Even the regen skills remind me of the Pontiff Eye rings they use.
outrider set is a stylized wolf armor. the visor are the teeth as if the helm swallowed your head. one of the many Berserk references in the game and my favourite armor in all Souls games. Frost resistence is quite handy against Friede aswell ;^)
He’s armor screams lord of the rings
the alpha male armor( literally) is alpha as **********