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Exterminations edge is better


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Not true, as of right now they have the same base attack. Not to mention if unlocked the divine has higher dragon damage and a lvl 3 gem slot compared to the lvl 1 slot on Exterminator. I would argue with the right build Divine is better if not already because the gem slot.
I must disagree too
divine slasher is better because with handicraft +5 u get a white sharpness that gives x1.32 raw dmg multiplier along with x1.1 raw dmg multiplier from non-elemental jewel
+ u get a lvl 3 gem slot and +20 defense

must make ls for ls users and probably won't use any other ls
honestly Divine Slasher is significantly better as it gets access to the non elemental up buff, has a l3 slot, and is just generally better...
plus you can use handicraft and sharp gem to increase its damage even further (or rath jewel effect with 2peice diablos for the more damage without need for the handicraft). in addition if unsealed Divine has more dragon damage AND a higher cap, and theres also the 20 defense buff.

all in all the Divine is a better overall longsword whereas the Extermination is less variable but is requires less to make it a viable elder killing weapon. and lets not forget fashion
do you need warriors or heroes streamstone to upgrafe this? it says rarity 1 on top
So, since my moon speak isn't up to snuff, does anyone know how handicraft affects this sweety?
Youll need 3+ to get some white
Brings it into a decent bit 9f white sharpness with level 5
Red dragonsword... Is that you?! (Red dragonsword is from MHFU fyi)


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Umm no. This is the Divine Slasher that was around since the first Monster Hunter entry for PS2 back in 2004 (Japan) or 2005 where I played it. It was a Long Sword back then and turned a Long Sword when they introduced these. You made Divine Slaher with Fatalis parts IIRC, and you can't make it anymore since you could only fight it online, but I still have my over 10 year old save with it. Been wielding Long Swords before they even exist. I miss Red Dragonsword though. But what I miss the most is cool looking Long Swords like Yuki Ichimonji, Devil Slicer/Wailing Cleaver or the Naruga Kuruga ones. I hate these ugly emblem LS, I hope upcoming events fix that. I always loved to collect -and obliterate- using every LS in every MH entry, but here I can only use Legiana, Rathalos, Xenojiva (it has the ugly emblem) and not much more.
There were no longswords in OG only Greatswords Without charge attack. Yeah...
This is EXACTLY like my chinese cartoons.
*Spoilers for endgame monsters below* The upgrade for this is the Hellish slasher. Is does 924 raw and 120 hidden Dragon a level 4 decoration + 40 defense along with high Elderseal. This has a ton of white sharpness almost a third of the sharpness bar but doesn't have purple sharpness. You need 2 Nargacuga coins, 2 Banbaro coins, 2 Acid Glavenus coins , and 1 Hero King coin. You can get the Hero King coin by getting silver on the Zinogre arena quest but it doesn't seem to be guaranteed i had to do it 4 times before i got it.
Thanks for the info
Can you get purple sharpness with handicraft or just white?
No it can only get more white sharpness.
News on the Divine Slasher upgrade? I have 3/4 materials Coin Glav Acid Coin Nargacuga Coin Banbaro Which monster is missing?
Zinogre coin You need to unlock it by slaying or capturing it from the new map