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Ya wanna say why, dumbass?
okay who's idea was it to spatch lava onto a jyuratodus and call it done?
Lavasioth has been around far longer. "So who's idea was it to throw mud on a lavasioth and call it jyuratodus?"
Really? This is what turns you off but a blue rathalos and a pink rathian and black diablos are not worth mentioning?
You do realize that the Lavasioth was created before the Jyuratodus. It's been around since Freedom Unite back in 2009.
They're completely different. Their subspecies, completely different situation.
Hate this mon



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Such a boring fight..


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Kinsect Extract:
Red: Head and Tail
Orange: Body
White: Legs and Fins
With Fire Weapons his armor softens!
Does anyone know if this is true?
Veteran hunter here and that is actually true in past games not 100% sure if it is in world
I'm sure it is true. His entering lava will soften him up. I guess enough fire hits will do the same.
Its true. not only fire weapons, but kinsect dust as well. paralysis, blast, poison, even healing.
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what's up with the in game weakness chart, is it 1 star weak to fire when hardened or 2 star? if 2 then it must be 5 star weak to water, so a cup should kill it like an M. Knight Shyamalan alien...
its armor is 1 star weak till it breaks off, no extra damage is taken by lavafish from fire AT ALL it always 0 to his HP but not his armor 'part' hp, his armor is 2 star weak to water and once broke he is 3 star weak
his charged lava blast is ABSURD, HUGE AOE AND MASSIVE damage... at least its well telegraphed and slow...
Does anybody just think of a fiery-jyuratodus when they see this thing?
Well it is just a reskin but 'lava' style. With the other monsters they at least 'hide' the reskins. With this guy they didn't even try, just slapped lava on him and called it a day.
*cough* jyuratodus is the copy *cough* lavasioth is the orignal *cough*
Look, I'm new to MH. Loose your attitude.
*cough* they're BOTH reskins of plesioth *cough*
I call him Fire Jyura. Dodogama is Crystal Jagrass.
Lavasioth + Jyura = Plesioth
But dodogama is best boy great jagras is ok I ges